Lost Ark Roadmap for April and May has been revealed and we've broken it down for your convenience

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It has been a long time coming, but we've been looking forward to the lost ark gold: Survival of the Fittest roadmap for quite some time now, thanks to the game's significance in the western version of the series



It has been a long time coming, but we've been looking forward to the lost ark gold: Survival of the Fittest roadmap for quite some time now, thanks to the game's significance in the western version of the series.  A new survival horror game from Telltale Games, Ark: Survival of the Fittest is set in the wilds of Alaska.  When asked about the timing of the content they released, Smilegate admitted that they had made a clerical error.  They claimed that the Argos game had been released a little too soon and that there were not enough sources to receive honing materials.  A large number of players were stuck in the middle of Tier 2, with the ilvl 1000-1100 range serving as one of the most significant stumbling blocks for a large proportion of the player base during the beta period.

A brand-new class called Glavier (which is also known as Lance Master in other editions) appears in this edition, and it is one of the subjects covered in this edition.  After previously learning that the Destroyer would be the first post-release class, I was a little surprised to learn that the Glavier would be the first post-release class, which I thought was a little strange.  Although it's a pleasant surprise, Glavier's inclusion in the game's western release has been eagerly anticipated as one of the most popular KR version classes.  As a result, his inclusion in the game's western release is a welcome one.  That they chose the more popular option over the less popular option is a blessing in disguise.  I was beginning to be concerned.  Including the Destroyer as a playable class rather than a more mainstream class would have resulted in the Destroyer failing to gain much traction or making any significant contributions to player retention.  Consequently, Smilegate has established a precedent that they are more than willing to rearrange class releases if they believe that doing so will be beneficial, which is an admirable demonstration of the company's ability to adapt to changing circumstances.

The addition of a week to the honing books from the previous week's maintenance to account for the Arkesia Racing competition, which was done under the radar, was a significant addition to this week's maintenance.  According to rumors, Glavier will be made available after the weekly reset on Thursday, which is expected to take place on Wednesday.  A fresh new Powerpass up to level 960, combined with the extension of these honing books, will make it significantly easier for everyone to reach tier 3 in a substantially shorter amount of time.

This piece of content will introduce players to a brand new continent, South Vern, and will include a more in-depth storyline, more honing materials, and more combat experience than the previous piece of content.  Oddly, higher-level Chaos Dungeons will not be released alongside this continent, despite the fact that their inclusion is required for the release of future raids and content.  At least in my opinion, Smilegate failed to provide any rationale for their decision to close their doors.  However, I believe that they would prefer to emphasize horizontal progression and assisting players in catching up and progressing steadily to tier 3 rather than solely concentrating on vertical progression.  In addition, as the number of players in tier 3 grows, the likelihood that they will suffer from FOMO decreases, resulting in an increase in the likelihood that they will continue to participate.  Although I don't think it's a big deal in the grand scheme of things, I am confident that some of the ilvl 1415+ players will be disappointed by this decision.

It is now possible for multiple parties to use their respective Secret Maps at the same time, thanks to a recent quality of life update.  In addition, there have been a number of other April updates that have been made public.  This decreases the likelihood of becoming a victim of a scam, as well as saving significant amounts of time.  

According to the May update list, the Destroyer class will be the next class to be released in World of Warcraft, following the Warrior class, and will be the second class to be released after that.  As of right now, it is unclear whether or not we will be provided with a Powerpass upon his incarceration; however, one thing is certain: Trial Guardian raids, as well as other types of raids, will become a regular feature on our weekly schedule in the near future.  This is yet another substantial piece of content that, when combined with other rewards such as card packs, will provide a significant boost to our material gain, which will be used to further our skill development and advancement.  Fighting an ilvl 1415 guardian is a difficult task to accomplish.  Honestly, I don't believe the raid Deskaluda needed to be described in any detail in the previous roadmap post because the raid's nature makes it completely self-explanatory.  At the time of writing, this is one of the easiest guardian raids available, if not the easiest guardian raid available in the game.  The fight is a popular stopping point for many alts in KR because of how relaxed it is compared to Velgano's fight.  When compared to this, the difficulty of Velganos is particularly noteworthy.  Despite the fact that it is listed as a tentative update on the official website, it is possible that this will be released by the end of May.  The inclusion of this feature has been made possible by the popularity of the feature in previous versions of the game.

After all of that, but certainly not least of all, there's Valtan, who is notable for being the first Legion Commander in the Legion's history to lead an attack on an enemy stronghold.  This level 1415 boss's demise signals the beginning of true endgame content, which will be available to you on a weekly basis after you have completed the quest line.  In a similar vein, the defeat of Deskaluda heralds the beginning of true endgame content.  In the raid, players will encounter several phases that are similar to those found in Argos, in addition to mechanics that are unique to the respective arena, and the raid itself is generally regarded as quite enjoyable and engaging by players.  Valtan is also the conduit through which players can begin to collect Relic accessories, which is another benefit of working with him.  According to the vast majority of players, these items are the final step in optimizing your engravings and maximizing the potential of your stats and abilities, and they are also the most expensive of the items available to purchase.  After a long period of inactivity, it will be enjoyable to play with specialization builds once again!

An additional significant advantage of Valtan, as well as of Legion Raids in general, is the ability to resume your previous activity as soon as you step foot into the raid zone.  This is a significant advantage for the company.  The same can be done with people who are in the same phase as you at any point during the week – regardless of whether or not you are in the same group as they are – at any time of the day or night.   The same can be done with people who are in the same phase as you at any point during the week – regardless of whether or not you are in the same group as they are – at any time of the day or night.   The common misconception is that this also applies to Argos, but in reality, it only applies to the Legion Raids and not to any other instances in the game.

According to my assessment, the roadmap is sufficient in and of itself.  This situation is made more bearable by Smilegate's willingness to pivot when and where it is required, as well as the notion that anything and everything is subject to change. . . . Although it's understandable that cheap lost ark gold's taken this long to release this roadmap, doing so is difficult, and as they've stated, having a precise plan in place at this point in time is preferable to having a hasty plan in place at the moment.

Despite the fact that I recognize the gravity of the situation, I believe it could have been handled more efficiently and effectively.  Raw detail, on the other hand, left me wanting more because I had hoped for something a little more from the movie.  The absence of 1415 Chaos Dungeons and the use of the word tentative in the title are the two aspects of this expansion pack that I find the most irritating.  This is acceptable to me because I understand why the developers said what they said, and because they place a high value on transparency, in my opinion.  It is likely that there will be a slight sense of unease until the content is made available for viewing on the internet, but this will not be overwhelming.  It is also unclear whether the Better Book of Coordination is the one that is used across all content or if it is only used in Hell Modes, which is something I am not entirely certain of either way.  As a result, the game is practically worthless until Hell Mode becomes available for purchase.  Given that the former is correct, switching between Chaos builds and custom build configurations would become significantly more convenient and automated.

The announcements will serve as the primary means of disseminating the information contained within them, and the supporting events will take place in conjunction with them to further this goal.  We're interested in knowing how the log-in rewards will look and feel, so please let us know if you have any information.  In light of their performance over the past two months, I anticipate that they will produce even more Tier 3 materials, as well as additional assistance with cards and life skills materials, over the next few months.  Doubtless, some sort of a 'event' will take place that will help our Glaviers advance even further in their pursuit of Tier 3 status.  Due to the fact that the vast majority of serious players have already advanced to Tier 3, there are only a limited number of opportunities to obtain Tier 2 materials available at this time.  I'm cautiously optimistic about the next two months, and there are certainly a number of promising developments to look forward to in the upcoming months, as I've mentioned previously.